Year 7 Earth Hour

Students in Year 7 took part in the World Wide Fund for Nature’s Global Action to reduce Global Warming by switching off the lights for an hour on Friday afternoon. Their efforts saved approximately 20KWH of power, about a 10% saving.

The students listened to an assembly focussed on the Earth Hour and one of their lessons was taught without power and lights, with a focus in humanities on what life would be like without power.

At the end of next term the students will be working in tutor groups to take part in a community project as part of their citizenship programme and will be exploring different global and national causes they could support throughout the next few weeks.

Miss Peacock, teacher at The Marches School commented, “Students said that it was great to be able to take part as a school in something that matters to everyone. It was fun to do something that can make a difference.”

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