The Future of Tilstock Primary is no Longer in the Balance

The Marches Academy Trust has been chosen as the preferred sponsor for Tilstock CE Primary School following a decision made by RSC Headteacher Board. Tilstock Primary has had its sponsored academy conversion application approved and will now enter into a stakeholder consultation period running from Monday 17th July until Monday 11th September.

The school is currently under the control of the Interim Executive Board (IEB) and Acting Headteacher, Nicola Brayford

The Department of Education (DfE) approached The Marches Multi-Academy Trust, requesting their agreement to sponsor Tilstock CE Primary School’s application to become an Academy. The application has now been approved and the school will enter into a stakeholder consultation, to ascertain their views on the proposed conversion, including joining The Marches Academy Trust, as a sponsored academy.

Paul Nicholson, Chair of TEB said: ‘The Board and staff of Tilstock CE School are very pleased that a period of uncertainty in the school’s future has come to an end with the announcement of its sponsorship by the Marches Academy Trust. We are all delighted with the positive opportunities this will bring to support the continued improvement of the quality of education the school provides for all its pupils.’

Mrs Sarah Longville, Executive Headteacher of The Marches Academy Trust, commented: “We place young people at the centre of all that we do and feel strongly that academies should enhance the educational provision of an area. We are excited by the benefits more formalised collaborative working could bring and the prospect of greater opportunities for the young people of the Whitchurch area”.

A consultation meeting will be held on Monday 11th September at 6pm parents/carers and interested parties are welcome to attend.

Representations can be made by completing the electronic survey here or by filling out the hard-copy of the survey attached.

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