The Marches Futures Award









The Marches Futures award is a one of a kind opportunity for students. Through participation in the Futures Award they open themselves up to many different opportunities that can be linked to their future professional choices or interests. Some of the awards the students receive can be done through their day to day activities in lessons or extra-curricular clubs. While others are more specialised and can help them progress for their future such as the First Aid award, or interview practice.

We have made some changes to how we record when students have achieved different parts of the award this year – we have gone digital! This will mean the students have a permanent electronic copy of their achievements, as well as making tracking of who has achieved what, easier for us.

The award is achieved by completing badges in the following 5 areas:

L – leadership
O – organisation
R – resilience
I – initiative
C – communication

The Futures award is something that will travel with them throughout their time at the Marches, and when they leave here they will have wealth of experience that they can use to their advantage to help them on their future path.

Once again we have been lucky enough to secure sponsorship for the award. It would be impossible to run something like this without this kind of support and we are very grateful to last year’s sponsors and our new sponsor for this year, who will be revealed soon!

As a parent/carer this is a great opportunity to help your children in furthering their ambitions and pushing them to try new clubs and activities to help them be the best they can while at the Marches.

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