Marches Chemists Visit Warwick Uni

Six AS and A2 level Chemists form The Marches Sixth Form recently travelled to Warwick University to attend a series of talks given by leading academics from prestigious Universities around the UK.

During the day, the students attended five sessions which covered the breadth of exciting advances in chemistry including: The chemistry of chocolate; the sheer power of energy; and the techniques used in drug detection. In addition, students also benefited from a special session dedicated to exam tips and techniques delivered by an examiner. With lectures on how the body could be used to recharge the battery in your phone, the historical origin of the names for some of the elements and how a sample of your breath could one day be used to screen for disease and infection.

Mr Moffatt, Chemistry Teacher at The Marches commented, “All the students enjoyed the lectures and came away with an appreciation of the wide range of fields to which studying Chemistry could lead them”.

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