Homework Club

T-Stokes-214x300Homework-Club-Logo-300x281Homework Club is now up and running after the appointment of our Homework Club Manager, Teaching Assistant Tara Stokes.

Homework Club is open from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Thursday in the Student Support Services block and is open to all students as a drop-in, as and when they wish to use it.
The club offers access to PCs, printers, creative materials for projects and all of the school resources.

The aim of Homework Club is to support Year 7 students through current and future projects, helping them to develop skills such as time management.

We also work with the Pastoral staff to identify students who would benefit from joining Homework Club for a period of time for support with organisation and completion of tasks. This will always be managed with parents and carers.

If you have any questions about homework club, please contact Miss Stokes directly on stokes.t@marchesschool.net

Homework Club