Understanding Your Teenager

logoParenthood can be extremely rewarding and enjoyable. It can also be demanding, frustrating and exhausting.
Parents have the important role of raising the next generation, but most people begin their careers as parents with little preparation, and learn through trial and error. The challenge for all parents is to raise healthy, well-adjusted children in a loving, predictable environment.
In Shropshire we offer parenting workshops and groups which provide easy to implement, proven parenting solutions that can help and prevent future problems before they arise. It’s about looking at what you’re already doing well and building on that to make it even better.
Parenting groups run over ten weeks, and encourage parents and carers to identify the most important issues in their relationship with their child, and to reflect on why things sometimes go well and sometimes don’t. It’s then easier for the parent to identify how to work together with their child.
Although the parenting group isn’t intended to be a therapy session, there’s time for parents and carers to explore some of the emotional pressures they’re under, some of which may relate to their child and some to the way they were parented themselves.

The parenting group aims to:
• promote understanding of children’s behaviour within the context of developmental issues
• promote the development of parent/child relationship
• increase confidence and self-esteem in both parents and children
• give parents a strategy for repair when things go wrong
• promote reflective, sensitive and effective parenting

Groups are aimed at parents of children and young people aged 0 – 18 years. Parents attend groups voluntarily. Groups are delivered by professionals across Shropshire actively working with and supporting families.

The opening session will be an introduction session where parents can come along and find out more information.


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Understanding Your Teenager