Post 16 Programmes of Study

All post 16 students are expected to follow a minimum of three study programmes plus some additionally (an AS level, Core Maths or the Extended Project Qualification). In addition to these programmes there are a plethora of enrichment activities on offer.

Students attend two tutor periods a day these focus on academic mentoring, CIAG and citizenship.

Each A level, Level 3 BTEC and AS level programme of study is given 5 hours of teacher contact time. The Core Maths and EPQ are given two hours of contact time, there is an expectation that students use their independent time to carry out an activity under this programme in an area of personal interest.

Hours that contribute to the typical student programme over two years:

3 Programmes of Study at 5 hours each per week over two years = 360 per qualification total hours 1080

EPQ or Core Maths – Extended Project Qualification or Core Maths 2 hours per week = 144 hours contact time

Tutor Time – 250 hours

In addition to these programmes of study students will undertake a Professional Development Week in the world of work.

Post 16 Programmes of Study