Romania Expedition: Complete

Students from The Marches School in Oswestry, recently returned from what they could only describe as ‘a real adventure’ and ‘one they will never forget’. With ruck sacks strapped to their backs and excitement radiating across their faces, eleven students departed The Marches School in July, on the trip of a lifetime, an Expedition to Romania. Organised in association with the Snowdonia based ‘Outlook Expeditions’, and accompanied by Miss Helena Griffiths, International Coordinator at the school, the 16 day trip was a thoroughly culturally enriching experience for all who took part.

Once arriving in the Capital Bucharest, the first challenge ahead for the students was a mountain trek, something the students had physically prepared for on weekend training sessions in Snowdonia. The students described reaching the summit of Piatra Mare as ‘difficult’ but ‘teamwork prevailed and the stunning scenery more than made up for it’.

During the second leg of their trip, students took part in a house building project in the Romany areas of the country. Students experienced aspects of Romanian culture during their stay, including learning the language and visiting major cities. Miss Helena Griffiths commented, “The expedition was designed to encourage students to work both independently and as part of a team and it was great to see friendships really strengthen during the trip.”

After spending 2 weeks camping in tents on top of cliffs and up mountains, the group decided to enjoy the last night of their trip in a hotel, reflecting on their journey and the legacy they will be leaving behind in Romania through the house building project. Amie Robbins and Ben Smith commented, “We experienced so many wonderful moments; meeting and being able to help those less fortunate and we even picked up some of the language along the way. Sharing an experience like this with others certainly helps to strengthen friendships and we’re now looking forward to future opportunities that will be available to us in the Sixth Form. We would recommend an experience like this to anyone who has the opportunity to take part and really did have the time of our lives!”

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