School Reopening

Plan for September 2020

We can share now, to help your planning, that all students will be returning in September to a full timetable. Uniform, to the usual high standards will be expected and students should have all their own items in their pencil case, including their own calculator.

Students will have a number of new systems and structures to learn and just as businesses reopening have needed to take time to train their staff, we are extending the return of year groups so that we can focus on a year at a time each day.

Return to school plan:

Years 7 and 12 – Wednesday 2nd September

Years 11 and 13 – Thursday 3rd September

Year 10 – Friday 4th September

Year 9 – Monday 7th September

Year 8 – Tuesday 8th September

Please visit here, to view our full revised term dates.

We hope you understand the need for this change, to ensure all students are confident and comfortable in the new arrangements that we need to have in place for the full autumn term. The government have produced a guide to autumn reopening for parents here.

Please see our guidance for a safe return:

Autumn term letter to parents

Attendance guidance

Behaviour protocol

Lunch and break menu

Guide to PPE

Revised risk assessment

Travel guidance

Please see below our year group specific school return videos:

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Sixth Form

Information from the council