Bonington House

Bonington is a fun and competitive house. We do our best in all of the activities that we take part in because we know that you have to “Believe to Achieve”. We always play to win…however, whether we win or not we compete with fairness, respect and smiles on our faces. In our house we want everyone to take part and get involved!

In Bonington House we work as hard as we can to achieve our potential and realise that we often need the help of others to reach the highest heights so everyone’s contributions, large or small, are valued. Sir Chris Bonington was part of several teams to Everest that helped others to reach the top before he made it to the summit himself – showing his dedication and resilience. It’s great fun to be involved in house activities, take every chance that you get and make the most of school life.

It was great to see Team GB do so well at this summer’s Olympics. House activities are very varied and certainly not all about sport, but there are many things that Bonington House can learn from this summer’s games:

• The hard work and dedication that it takes to reach the pinnacle of any event
• The fair play and respect shown by the athletes
• The support of the crowd for our own, but also our rival Olympians
• The belief of the competitors that they could achieve their ambitions
• The good feeling and fantastic atmosphere that brought the country together

I’m sure that Team CB (Chris Bonington) can incorporate all of this into their participation this year – to leave the other houses trailing below.

Mr Kemble – House Leader