Stephens House

“One team, one dream!”

Stephens is an enthusiastic, positive thinking community within The Marches school. Inspired by Rebecca Stephens’ successful summit of Mt Everest as the first British woman, Stephens students are aiming to ‘climb their own Mt Everest’ by taking every opportunity that is open to them at the Marches and hopefully reach for the stars.

We were the first house to win the Marches House Cup. This was done through our hardwork, teamwork and positive ‘can do’ attitude.

We were lucky to receive a letter from Rebecca Stephens when the house first launched in 2012. She offered words of encouragement to our students:

“When making choices, listen to your heart as well as your head.”

“I wasn’t particularly blessed with talent or exceptional skills but the desire to do it bubbled up from within me – that was important.”

“Relationships with others are important.”

We believe that these points should be part of our core values in order for us to succeed as a house.

Staff and students alike are determined to do their very best as we compete in house competitions and are supportive of Stephens house members who step up and represent us. We know by working together we can succeed, as we take onboard the supportive words given by our namesake.

Mrs Heighway – House Leader 


Members of Stephens House enjoy a celebratory BBQ             Stephens House - Leadership Group  

Members of Stephens House enjoy a celebratory BBQ                    Stephens House – Leadership Group