2019 House Champion Revealed

Our annual House Competition came to a conclusion last Friday. Over the course of the year, staff and students have been competing in a variety of competitions to earn points for one of the five assigned houses. Some of these competitions have included photography, sport, fishing and even Eggheads.

The house competition is a huge part of The Marches and we strongly believe that the House System provides students with a sense of belonging.

After a close competition throughout the year, we can now announce that the 2019 House Champions are Mallory, who just pipped Bonington to the post by 20 points!

A huge congratulations to the members of Mallory House, with commiserations to the remaining houses. All students and staff who have taken part should be extremely proud of their efforts throughout the year.

On Wednesday, Mallory celebrated their win with an enjoyable House BBQ, thank you to KFC Oswestry for their donation of cups.

Posted by marchesadmin on 18th July 2019, under Marches

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