Activities galore during transition summer school

Our Summer School for Year 6 students got off to an amazing start! Nearly 200 students came in on Monday for a jam-packed day of orienteering/treasure hunting and a variety of exciting lessons in Maths, English, History and PE.

Tuesday saw more fun filled activities. In Science there were dinosaur eggs to protect in parachutes; descriptive character work in English and online safety activities in ICT. It was fantastic to see our future Year 7s having such a great time; building new friendships in their new forms and starting to learn about life at The Marches.

On day 3 the students had form time, which was followed by the year group’s first House event – a teambuilding relay. This involved the students performing shuttle runs in their form groups to see which group could complete the most in the allotted time. The excitement and enthusiasm was amazing, with students working well together and encouraging each other. The overall winners were 7IL Stephens, followed by 7MJT Hargreaves and 7AGL Mallory House. Lessons throughout the rest of the day included: cryptography; rhyming and descriptive work in English; using blocks in Maths; trying benchball in PE and creating earthquake towers in Geography.

Feedback: What was the best bit of the day? “PE as I was really good at benchball and I loved it’ and ‘Maths was great!’ 

Day 4 of summer school on Thursday saw a change of location, with lessons taking place in the English block giving students another area of the school to explore. The day saw a carousel of lessons involving English, Maths (working out codes to unlock the treasure!) and game design in ICT. PE saw football on the Astro and in creative arts students got to make their very own torch. Some students also took part in an art activity to practise their drawing and creative skills. It was great to see students thoroughly enjoying the activities, with many really proud of the torches they had built and that they had managed to solve the Maths challenges.

Our final day of summer school involved some different activities. Students started their day with form time and then moved into a House and creative arts session. This involved designing t-shirts, banners and learning about the school’s House system, which proved a great success. With the T-shirts and banners made; students took part in a special summer school sports day. The PE team led a very exciting benchball competition along with mini challenges in the gym. After lunch saw the finals – this involved a thrilling benchball final won by 7MJT Hargreaves and the sprint relay final. 

Students were then celebrated on their fantastic efforts from over the week and were awarded a medal and certificate. Some students had been nominated by staff to receive an outstanding award. This was won by being kind, showing amazing effort or going above and beyond. 

The transition team were really thrilled with how our soon to be Year 7s responded to the week and look forward to seeing them all again in September! 

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