Beauty and the Beast

Students from the Performing Arts Department at The Marches School have been busy set designing, stitching their costumes and rehearsing their lines, all in preparation for the showings of their school production ‘Beauty and the Beast’, which will be taking place from the 13th – 15th February and is open to the general public. 

The Performing Arts Department had its largest turn out at the auditions on Thursday 12th September. After much deliberation, the school cast Year 9 student Mia McKay and Year 12 student Libby Hughes to share the role of Belle, and Year 11 student Thom Hughes as the Beast.

Drama teachers at The Marches School, Miss Natalie Wright and Miss Sophie McGreal along with music teacher Miss Sophie King have been busy supporting the production. Miss Wright commented, “We have had an intense rehearsal process with the students, they have worked extremely hard and we hope that we have a full audience in order to support the students each night. So much work behind the scenes has gone into preparing for what we hope will be the best production The Marches School has ever seen.”

Mrs Alison Pearson, Associate Headteacher, commented, “We have a large cast rehearsing hard for our production this year, taking place in the last week of this half term and it would be great to have a full house each night to support them and enjoy the amazing talents we have at the school; there are star turns from Year 13 right down to Year 7”.

Tickets cost £5 per adult and £4 for children and are available to buy at the main school reception.

A competition is on Facebook for two tickets to be won for the showing on Tuesday 13th January. It closes on Monday 5th February.

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