Can you solve the mystery of Loric?

Keep checking back to this page or keep an eye on our Facebook page over the next weeks to find out the surprise! See if you can guess the mystery of Loric.

Clue 1 | Oh dear, it looks like a couple of our students have overheard part of a meeting between our Deputy Headteachers discussing some exciting plans coming up… The BIG question now is – where is Loric?  Keep an eye out for more clues.

Clue 2 | Oops, looks like some Year 7 students have overheard some of our English Teachers talking about Loric – sounds like there’s another clue… Have you seen him?

Clue 3 | It has happened again! This time it’s the ICT Department who have been overheard discussing the newest member of our school community…Have you seen Loric?

Clue 4 | More sneaky students have overheard more clues about the mysterious Loric, this time it’s some of our Maths teachers who have said too much…

Posted by marchesadmin on 17th January 2021, under Marches

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