Charity Badminton Match

After weeks of rivalry, the winners of the Student Competition who earned the chance to challenge Mr Pritchard and Mr Lin, were Max Thomas and San Rogers – and what worthy challengers they were.

On the last Wednesday before half term, at lunchtime, a crowd built steadily in the Sports Hall. As the players warmed up, the atmosphere was electric by the time the first serve was played. The bumper crowd was noisy – approximately 200 staff and students, who clearly favoured Sam and Max as their preferred winners!

The staff started well, initially handling the pressure better than their much younger advisories and won the 1st game without breaking sweat. Mr Lin impressing in particular with some lovely shots. The second game followed a similar pattern and again the teachers were comfortable winners 2-0.

Mr Pritchard and Mr Lin could have been guilty of over confidence, cockiness and complacency at this point…

At the start of the third game the boys won a couple of cheap points, then a couple more, then a couple more – within the blink of an eye the boys were leading the game by 8 points to nil! The crowd became much more excited and vocal and the boys easily won the game 2-1.

If the early pressure of the big occasion had been managed better by the staff at the start of the game, by now this had completely turned on its head! Some absolutely brilliant play – Sam Rogers cross court back hand and smash alongside Max’s magic near the net made the boys almost impossible to beat, they hardly lost another point in the match quickly sealing the 4th game to make it 2-2 and then easing through the final game without any drama to be crowned as champions. The crowd went wild at the moment of victory and the 4 players shook hands – the teachers knowing they had been soundly beaten.

The trophy was presented by Curtis Langley, a member of staff from the Movement Centre – reminding everyone the main reason for the whole event. Over £200 was raised for this amazing cause in just half an hour of thrilling Badminton!

Thank you to Mr Martin for helping with arrangements, the music and umpiring the game – there was one call of a foul serve that is still controversial.

~ Mr Pritchard

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