Charity decision made for 2021/22

It is that time of year when we decide upon a charity to help through our fundraising activities. This year The Marches School have made the decision to support U&I Counselling – who are a local counselling service that assist residents of Oswestry, including some of our students and most likely other friends and relatives of The Marches family if they are struggling with their mental health. Members of the school’s Student Leadership group put forward the idea, which following some discussion was decided as the most appropriate charity for our fundraising efforts this year.

The news has been recently shared with all students during assemblies. The decision has been well received and the students really understand that fundraising for U&I Counselling will be a great opportunity to help support the service that they offer and will be an amazing legacy to leave from this year.

As a school we are having a huge focus on ‘Kindness’ this year, combined with the obvious issues with young people’s mental health that seems to have become more serious after the various Covid lockdowns – we feel we have made a great choice.

The spotlight for the first half terms fundraising effort will fall on Miss Richards and the Year 11 students – who will be responsible for coming up with the most creative and original fundraising ideas. We would really be grateful if you could all support our events when they come up!

Posted by marchesadmin on 12th October 2021, under Marches

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