Friends of The Marches

Bringing together people with an interest in supporting the school

Martyn Hubbard – Chair
Friends of the Marches

Interested in joining?1

Anyone who is interested can join the Friends of The Marches…
• Parents/Carers
• Members of the local community
• Local businesses
• Alumni
• Primary School parents
• School staff


If you have had a break from work, this venture could be a great way of getting back into an environment that needs similar skills to the world of employment. You can gain experience and knowledge about health and safety, insurance, licenses and risk assessments, as well as developing organisational and interpersonal skills. Our group will provide you with an opportunity to put your skills to good use and they will always be gratefully received. Whether you can make costumes for the school productions, lead the choir/orchestra, bake cakes, manage money, manage events or come up with new fundraising ideas, your skills are valuable to us. So please help us to spread the word.

If you would like any further information about the Friends of The Marches, or are interested in becoming a member please contact Thank you for your support.

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