CV Writing Week

This week Years 9, 10 and 11 have been busy writing CVs and cover letters, which are essential skills for their future. In January Year 11 will be participating in mock interviews with members from the Rotary Club and will be able to receive feedback on the documents. Year 10, are currently working hard to source and confirm work experience placements and will be using their CV and cover letter in their applications.

At The Marches, we recognise that it can be hard at such a young age for students to find enough information to create a CV and as such, this week we invited in local experts to deliver talks and support the students within their English lessons. The students enjoyed an outsider’s perspective and now feel much more confident with the process. Without the help of volunteers, we would not be able to offer the real life element, which is so important in this task.

Thank you to Heather Noble from Salt Solutions, Kelly Mansell from ABC HR, Nikki Norris from County Training and Rachael Morgan from Department of Work and Pensions for giving up their time and helping our students this week. Rachael Morgan commented ‘It is essential that students understand the importance of a good CV and cover letter, and being able to provide industry knowledge allows them to relate the task to real life’.

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