Erasmus Netherlands Trip

Tuesday 22nd October saw The Marches students head off to the Netherlands as part of the Erasmus Trip!

After settling into their new surroundings, the itinerary began on Wednesday where the group visited the City of Maastricht and toured the impressive government building. The Dutch students then took the students on a self-guided tour of the city giving our students an opportunity to learn about some of the history of the city, which was followed by a fun quiz.

On Thursday, the students visited the town of Heerlen. Here students got a tour of an old mine, learning about its historic past and some of the difficulties the workers faced on a daily basis. After lunch, the students had a company visit at Arion, where they received an informative talk and tour from the CEO. He talked to the students about the difficulties he faced when starting out his company and how he managed to begin with one small simple idea and progress the company to a worldwide distributor on the border of the Netherlands and Germany.

Friday saw the students partake in teambuilding exercises in order to complete their ‘International Skills Assignments’. This activity involved making a video presentation in groups to answer the question: ‘What skills and talents do I need to study and work in an international environment?’

It was a fun but busy couple of days for The Marches Students but very worthwhile!

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