Grade 1 Superstars!

In our House and Rewards Assembly to start the year, we challenged students to achieve the highest number of grade 1s in the week. Grade 1s in lesson grading demonstrate students who go above and beyond in their learning, with full involvement in their lessons. The challenge has been met with well over 300 students achieving 10 grade 1s in a week!
However, Sofia Craig in Year 10, managed to get 21 grade 1s in the first full week and Harri Trow Year 7, then was able to get 22 grade 1s (out of a maximum of 25).
These students received a certificate and chocolate for their efforts and we then asked them how they thought they were able to do this.
Sofia said; “I want to go to a high achieving university and I have known what I have wanted to do from a really young age. I want to go into law which is really competitive so doing really good in my lessons is important.”
Harri commented; “I’m not sure how I got so many 1s, I think by just doing my best. I am enjoying my time here in Year 7 so far and I am really enjoying PE and Digital Communications lessons.”
Fantastic achievements – a HUGE well done!! 

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