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In our whole school assembly on the last day of term, house results for many events were shared with all. All events were added up to the grand reveal, via a confetti cannon delivered by the Grinch and a Christmas Penguin. The House Captains then revealed that Bonington are the current house leaders.

Events from last half term included:

A House Kahoot, this was Remembrance themed this year and it was won by Bonington, closely followed by Mallory and Whittaker.

Girls and Boys Winter Sports Week which saw inter house Netball and Football taking place in lessons. Mallory House stormed to victory in both competitions.

Christmas Cards, with the winner being Ruby Richardson from Whittaker House.

Christmas Rhymes competition held at lunchtime, with Stephens winning followed closely by Whittaker House.

For this half term, there are many exciting events planed, including: Just Dance and Bake Off-Healthy Eating to name just a few!

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