House Photography Results

The annual student and staff inter-house photography competition took place recently. Participants were challenged to take a photograph, which summed up this year’s criteria, which was ‘Our living landscape’, the photograph had to include something that was living but also link to our local area. Both students and staff really got into the spirit of the competition and we received some fantastic entries. The student competition was won by Isabel Walters, with her fantastic image of a cat seen in the accompanying photographs. The full results were:

– 1st Elizabeth Samson
– 2nd Olivia Luke
– 3rd Beau Creaser
– 4th Rowan Mackensie
– 5th Zac Morby

– 1st Miss Mates
– 2nd Mrs Rowe
– 3rd Miss Griffiths
– 4th Mr Moffatt
– 5th Mr Walker

Well done to everyone who took part and helped earn valuable house points!

Posted by marchesadmin on 28th June 2019, under Marches

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