House Update

This half term, we had a jam packed House event calendar planned and although we were cut short, we did manage to complete a fair few competitions and scores changed around on the leaderboard.

We started the half term with Boys and Girls Winter Sports Week in PE lessons.

House also contributed with many competitions for World Book Day. There was a form quiz won by Mallory. We also had a poetry anthology cover competition with placing as follows:

1st Katie Garstang, 7JLJ (Hargreaves)

2nd Hayley Clements, 8CC (Stephens)

3rd Isobel Henson, 8LAB (Mallory)

4th Lucy Forse, 9LRP (Bonington)


More recently we  held our annual book topple, which always bring an excitement and some last minute drama! This year was no different, with Bonington looking to take a storming victory, only for the books to topple before the time ran out for stacking. Stephens did the same but recovered 2! Thankfully there was more success with other houses with Mallory taking the victory stacking and toppling 99 books. Whittaker a close 2nd with 89 books.

A much requested event took place a couple of weeks ago, which was Mario Kart. It was a one lap fastest time wins, with the winner coming from Hargreaves House.

So with school events on hold for the year – the current standings from these competitions mean Stephens have taken the lead! Well done Stephens House. Pints and placings as follows:

1st – Stephens 1120 pts

2nd – Bonington 1100 pts

3rd – Mallory 1080 pts

=4th – Hargreaves and Whittaker 1040pts

As you can see the points total was close at the top and these points will be held until our return to school.

We are launching a different house system during the closure, with details to follow. We are hoping that plenty of our students will take part and continue to contribute to our fantastic House Competition.


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