Incredible Sixth Form Art Projects

As we are nearing the end of the first term with our new cohort of Year 12 Art and Photography students, we wanted to share what is happening in a magical corner of The Marches School.

We have four Art students working on their own interpretation of the theme ‘Inside/Outside’.  Niamh is exploring issues around mental health and trying to capture emotion in her paintings.  Recently she planned her first underwater photoshoot, with the aim to capture a range of expressions underwater.  We cannot wait to see the results and watch how she develops this in school!

Alice is celebrating the beauty of our imperfections and challenging the pressures put on girls today to look a certain way.  Alice has embraced every challenge set on the course to date and is currently working on large-scale figure paintings using a pallet knife.

Mirium has only just joined the class but has hit the ground running.  Initially looking at asylum seekers but then deciding to focus on the theme of ‘Displacement’ and the impact it has on people who have been forced to leave their homes.  Mirium has independently organised and attended several speeches at the Litfest Elevenses in Chester which she discovered is based on the same theme.  She is currently working on some really exciting contextual research.

Meanwhile, Hannah has been busy creating a series of sensitive studies inspired by the theme of ‘Outsiders’.  After initially being inspired by the theme of ‘Mods and Rockers’, Hannah is now looking at teenage culture in today’s society.


Over in the Photography Department, Abigale has been exploring a ‘Dreams and Nightmare’ project using the circus as a source of inspiration.  She has taken photographs of Chester’s Winter Watch Parade and the Art Department have plans in the pipeline to get a fire dancer into school!

Emily is scrutinising the beauty industry and has linked up with Year 13 Drama students in her latest photoshoot, capturing some stunning moments.

Lastly, Ivy has been to Sheffield, Shrewsbury and Manchester photographing the homeless for her project.  She has set up a soup kitchen from her dads van in two of those locations, provided a place for the homeless to sit down and eat home cooked food, built relationships with people, learnt their stories and has been inspired to continue on this journey far beyond this project.

We are so proud of the incredible work we are seeing from our Sixth Form students and the level of commitment demonstrated.  Watch this space for the next addition from the Art Department.  Life drawing classes are on their radar, making links with Qube in Oswestry.


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