Information for ordering uniform for September 2020

Here is the latest information from our uniform supplier – Uniform for The Marches School
Please also pay attention to the guidelines below on our standards and expectations on uniform. These standards are compulsory and we appreciate your support in ensuring your children adhere to them.

Building strong relationships with parents and carers – based on mutual respect and trust – is at the centre of our school’s ethos. We want our parents and carers to feel valued and to be fully involved in their children’s learning and development. We will continue to consult with parents on any uniform matters going forward.

Our clearly defined policy can be found below and some guidance pictures are attached to further ensure that parents and carers are clear about our expectations.

Being fair and consistent is our key aim; if we are consistent in our expectations and responses, we can hold students accountable. Therefore we will have, within school, a bank of standard school skirts and trousers that will be stored in our pastoral department. Any student who arrives at school with incorrect uniform will be given a Marches School skirt or trousers to wear for that day. Families who are following the uniform policy correctly will not be inconvenienced. Parents and carers will be expected to amend the incorrect uniform with immediate effect because the school has been very clear about uniform standards.

All students should be in the correct uniform for school. Our uniform rules, which will also appear in the September planner, are here.

Trousers must be smart school style only. Trousers must not be skin tight below the knee, hipster style or legging style. Material must not be cord, denim, stretch legging style or canvas or jean style cotton and should not contain cargo pockets, jeans style rivets or logo labels (e.g. a red label on the back).

Socks with trousers should be ankle length and black or grey.

A suitable style is available from RAM Leisure in a range of sizes.

Skirts must be 22″ length and worn without rolling over. Skirts should be pleated panel skirts available from the school supplier or identical to this in cut. It should not contain zips, patches or pockets and must not cling to the body or ride up whilst walking, it is not to be a skater style skirt.

Plain black tights only to be worn with skirts.

A suitable style is available from RAM Leisure in a range of sizes.

School ties must be worn in a small knot that covers the top button. When the jumper is not worn, the tie must reach the waist in length.

Shirts must be white with a collar and buttons that fasten to the neck, not polo or  blouse. Shirts must be tucked in.

School jumpers must be worn at all times. The grey style is for Years 7- 10 and black for Year 11.

Shoes must be plain black or leather look school or office style. Boots, trainer and canvas pumps of any kind are not permitted. Shoes must not be canvas, suede, contain coloured flashes, logos, buckles or eyelets.

Heels should be no more than 2cm and shoes should be fastened to the feet rather than loose slip on styles.

Coats are to be single colour and plain without patterns, logos or slogans. Tracksuit tops, hoodies, denim and leather coats are not permitted. Hoods should not be worn unless the weather warrants this.

Please refer to our guidelines regarding summer uniform, jewellery, make-up and hair styles – Uniform.

The school has been clear about the style for trousers and skirts and strongly recommends that parents/carers purchase from RAM Leisure but will accept skirts and trousers. which conform to the same standard, from other outlets.


Acceptable Skirt Option

Acceptable Skirt OptionAcceptable Trousers








In order to ensure that purchasing the new items is as simple and straightforward as possible, we have developed a new purchasing system in partnership with the uniform supplier RAM Leisure. Items can be delivered to a specified address or sent to school for collection from Pupil Services. We fully appreciate that the online system will not be suitable for all parents and we therefore hold a small amount of stock in school within Pupil Services. Jumpers and ties can be purchased directly from here and orders can be placed for P.E. kit items.

To order items of the new uniform and P.E. kit please contact RAM Leisure, Wrexham direct on 01978 360360 or visit their website http://www.ourschoolwear.co.uk to place an online order.

Alternatively, items can be ordered via school using the Order Form. To download a copy of the Order Form, please click here.











Code of Dress

How students dress for school is an important part of how they behave and helps to set the right expectations and standards as a community. Any student failing or refusing to follow these guidelines will be sent home or isolated until they are able to do so.

With all aspects of uniform we do our upmost to provide images of acceptable and unacceptable uniform to allow correct choices to be made. If in doubt, please refer to the information above and ask for advice before making purchases. It is at the discretion of the school to make decisions regarding uniform that does not conform to the requirements set out in this guide. Please remember that choosing The Marches School implies a willingness to conform to our school uniform guidelines at all times. This policy is also fully endorsed by the school’s board of governors. We realise that some students can be very persuasive over choices of coats, shoes and skirts and hope that this guidance, which is also being talked through with students, will help you in explaining school policy to your child and avoiding any problems.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss any element of the policy before you buy items, please do get in touch.


P.E. Kit


Boys Kit

Marches Red and Black Reversible Rugby Shirt

Marches Black Shorts

Marches Red and White Striped Socks

Marches Red and Black Polo Shirt

Football Boots


Shin Pads (compulsory)

White Socks

Longsleeved Black Baselayer (optional)


Girls Kit

Marches Red and Black Polo Shirt

Marches Black Skort

Marches Red and White Striped Socks

White Socks

Trainers (not pumps)

Shin Pads (compulsory)

Longsleeved Black Baselayer (optional)


*In line with Shropshire County Council guidelines a custom fit mouth guard is strongly recommended for girls and boys. Boys are strongly recommended to wear a mouth guard for Rugby and Hockey lessons. Girls are strongly recommended to wear a mouth guard for Hockey lessons.

Uniform Recycling

As your child’s school life comes to an end, we are hoping that there are some items of their uniform which have not. Please may we ask parents and carers of Year 11 students, who have items of school uniform and P.E. kit which are no longer needed or have been outgrown, to kindly donate these to the school for recycling. In particular the P.E. Kit, black Year 11 jumpers and ties.

By donating items of school uniform you can contribute to the greater aim of recycling in the school and assist other parents/carers with the purchase of uniform.

If you have any questions or would like further information regarding uniform recycling please contact 01691 664416 or e-mail marchesadmin@mmat.co.uk