Introducing Virtual House

So our House Competition might be on hold at school, however we wanted to keep the House community spirit going so we are launching The Marches House Virtual League 2020.

Every student and staff member has been invited to their House team, in order to take part in tasks to earn House points. These will be awarded in the regular way with the winning house for each event scoring 100 points.

The first events launched last week on Thursday 26th March, new events will be added over the time school is closed.

These events include Easter Decorating, Rainbows, TikTok dances and a Snake challenge. Coming up soon will be the Easter Quiz.

The league will also include House events that have already started at school and are still in play, such as Mission to Mars and MFL Vocab League.

Results will be shared as events end and we are very excited to see who our first Virtual House League Champions will be.



Posted by marchesadmin on 31st March 2020, under Marches

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