Marches Sports Leaders build on fundraising efforts with further charity tournament

To round off the term, the Year 10 Sports Leaders organised a mixed Charity Netball Competition for our chosen local charity Ethos.

Much like the previous Charity Football Tournament earlier in the year, there was a real buzz in the air, and the PE staff decided it was only fair the Year 10 students got their chance to compete too – so umpired their tournament.

Student, Mia Poole who helped at every tournament and was in the winning Year 10 team had this to say; “I think the girls and boys playing in mixed teams worked well, I think it was well balanced and looked equal. It felt good knowing that we were helping a charity, felt like we were doing our part for those people who need it more. I also think the leadership certificates gave confidence.”

Overall the tournaments raised a further £108 for Ethos! The charity does incredible work and provides adapted, short-term accommodation and advocacy support for people with life-changing physical disabilities.

Well done to all those involved! Take a look at our winning teams in the photos below:

^Year 7 Winning Team: [L to R : B to F] Betsy Drury, Maisie Robbins, Dulcie Roach, Edith Phillips-Pugh, Ela Edwards, Daisy Griffiths & Mischa Jackson.

^ Year 9 Winning Team: [L to R : B to F] Jac Jones, Jack Tinney, Millie Tomkewycz, Jess Steel, Thomas Edwards, Sam Wright & Will Beckett.

^ Year 10 Winning Team: [L to R : B to F] Charlie Carson, Millie Davies, Saoirse Maguire, Martins Otvars, Evie Richards, Mia Poole &  Mia Jenkins-Doyle.

^ Both the Year 10 teams – which includes several of the Sports Leaders that helped with the tournament.


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