Marches staff delighted for their Year 13 students

This year has been challenging across the school and Sixth Form due to the impact of the pandemic but for this cohort ending their school careers and exam preparations so abruptly in March and the ongoing uncertainty, it has been more so.

Staff and students at the Marches Sixth Form build close bonds and work hard together, investing so much into the two-year courses and this has shown in our outcomes.

To be able to invite Year 13 back to receive their results today has been a moment of real recovery, despite less teaching staff being able to attend what is normally a busy and emotional morning.

We are delighted for our students; it is a great relief to finally know that students’ and the teaching team’s hard work over seven years at the school has been rewarded. We pride ourselves on offering a balance between a pursuit for academic excellence alongside personalised pastoral care with the added complexity of managing this remotely for many of our students.

Staff worked incredibly hard yesterday to be ready to support a small number of students who have missed university offers as a result of the way grades have been awarded, and we have made use of the mock grade appeal. We are optimistic that students will not be disadvantaged by the grading process this year and will have the opportunity to pursue the future they aspire to.

Students have built their resilience for what is to follow and are excitedly looking forward to studying at a range of prestigious institutions including Medicine at Keele, Maths with Sports Science at Loughborough, Archaeology at Manchester and Degree Level Apprenticeships with Müller and The Treasury in the Civil Service.

Sarah Peacock, Key Stage 5 Raising Standards Leader commented: “This year has been like no other and the resilience shown by the students has been exceptional. Whilst the collection of results is not the same, I am delighted that students can continue with their plans for apprenticeships or taking up university places.”

Headteacher of The Marches School, Alison Pearson added: “The results are testament to the support from our specialist staff and the determination from our students. We wish all of our students every future success and am pleased that we have been able to support them on that journey as part of The Marches School and Sixth Form community. This year has shown how we can adapt our teaching and learning to be remote whilst maintaining our support and ensuring our students are striving for success”.

Applications for The Marches Sixth Form are still open for September 2020 start and details can be found on the website

Notable achievements 2020:

Matthew Collins: A*, A*, A*

Jennifer Cyffin-Jones: A*, A*, A*

Rebecca Manford: A*, A*, A*

Isobel Harvey: A*, A*, A

Fraser Wetton: A*, A*, A

Emily Sumner: A*, A, A

Rosie White: A*, A, A








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