Match Report: Year 7, 6-a-side Football

With Mr Lee called away on other business, this Monday gave me (Mr Dickinson), my first opportunity to bring The Marches fantastic winning ways in Rugby over to the round-ball game. I arrived with many ideas and formations running around my head for the 6-a-side tournament at Oswestry between ten schools from North Shropshire.

However, I was somewhat of a spare part. The Year 7 boys showed an amazing amount of maturity at times, organising themselves very well on the pitch. They cruised through their group, topping the competition without conceding a single goal. Plaudits must go to Sam “the cat” Davies in goal and a solid defence at the back from Billy Owen, Tommy McArdle, Tyler Edwards and Jac Williams. The semi-finals went much the same way with the midfield being dominated by Ronnie Lee and Rui Clarke-Phillips who looked a class above.

Onward to the final, where the team met 2nd in our group, The Grove School for a rematch after beating them 1-0 earlier in the day. As was the theme of the day, The Marches dominated possession and chances which eventually led to a fantastic 2-0 victory within a short 5 minute game.

Great game, great performance. The Year 7’s first of many tournament victories. The question remains, Mr Dickinson, Football mastermind, or lucky charm?

~ Match report by Mr Dickinson


Posted by marchesadmin on 22nd January 2020, under Marches

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