Message to 2018/19 Students

Calling all recent 2018/19 Marches students!

GCSE coursework that you wish to collect from departments will be available to collect by appointment only from Monday 18th November to Friday 29th November 2019. To book an appointment please contact 01691 664400 to arrange an appropriate time with your teacher. Please go to reception only at your agreed date and time.
GCSE/ GCE Certificates – You will be able to collect your GCSE/ GCE certificates from Tuesday 19th November 2019. A signature is required. Regulations do not allow certificates to be put in the normal post due to the risk of loss or damage. If you are unable to collect the certificates yourself, you can nominate someone else to collect your certificates by giving them signed written permission. This includes parents and other family members or friends. Please ask them to bring the written permission and a form of photographic ID. Certificates will not be issued to anyone other than the person named on them without written permission and ID.

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