Rewards Shop 2020/21

The Marches Rewards Shop has opened for this year!

Students have been busy earning points through their lesson grading and we offer an opportunity for students to ‘spend’ their points and purchase reward items or experiences.

Students can ‘spend’ as they go or save their points towards one of the higher value items. Spending points has no impact on overall scores for the year.

Students place their order using our online order form. The link to this form and instructions on how to place an order have been sent to students via email.

Within the community, Shlurp has supported our shop again with £5 voucher donations. We know that these are much sought items by our students. Morrisons have also kindly contributed towards the shop with a variety of stationary and confectionary items. A big thank you to both companies for supporting us!

^Shlurp photo taken January 2020

Following student feedback, the shop will continue to stock stationery, food and canteen items. We also offer items and experiences donated by staff. Some exciting new additions this year offered by staff include language tasters, slime making and a virtual trip to Cuba!

Items on offer will be available through notices in school, House Teams and here.

If you are a business in the Oswestry area and would like to support our rewards shop initiative, please do contact Ms Heighway for further information – 

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