Rewards Update

Rewards – not long left to use their hard-earned points!

All year, students have been graded for their attitude to learning in every lesson; with students gaining a grade 1 receiving 2 reward points and students graded a 2 given 1 reward point. Attitude to learning grades of a 3 or 4 do not gain reward points.

This year, students have been able to decide what reward they wish to spend their points on. They can access the rewards shop via their online Classcharts account. When they are there, they simply order their reward and collect it from the shop run by sixth form students in the hall every Thursday. If students require any assistance with ClassCharts, they should please ask their Form Tutor.

The last date for cashing in reward points is Thursday 4th July. We can see that a great number of students have already cashed in their points for a range of offers, such as a “no queue” pass to lunch, a voucher for Slurp or Burger King, or one of the staff offers in the school – mountain biking and handball, to name just two.

There also appears to be a number of students who are saving up their points, but they need to be aware of two things that we have been publicising in school, but you may wish to check your child is aware:

  1. The points do not carry over to next year – they need to use them or lose them.
  2. Some items are limited in number (shown in the shop) and if they hold off, someone else may get the last one of something they really want, therefore they should not wait if they have the points they need.

This is our first year running the shop system, if you have any thoughts about how it has gone, please share these with Mrs Newey at: as she is compiling her end of year report on the system now.

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