School Lockers

There are a total of 190 lockers at The Marches School and these can be found at the following locations
Site 1: The Technology Corridor
Site 2: The Textiles Area
Site 3: The Maths Staircase

Students can rent a locker for the school year by visiting from any device connected to the internet. Once on the website they will be able to use the drop down menu and simply choose one of the 3 areas and a locker number. The lockers will be numbered 1 –190.

The lockers are leased from Prefect Lockers. The cost of a locker per school year is £18.00.

Payment is convenient and can be made by Paypal, Debit / Credit Card or by calling Prefect Lockers on 0330 311 1003. On receipt of payment the combination for the lock is sent to you or your preferred contact via text or email.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch or contact Prefect Lockers on the phone number above.

Marches Academy Trust Locker Protocol.