Speakers for Schools – Virtual Talks Programme

We are pleased to announce the schedule for the Speakers for Schools – Virtual Talks programme for the week commencing 4th May.

The complete schedule to send to students is here.

Next week, you will be able to hear from today’s leading figures, including:

  • Monday 4th May, 2pm: Carl Jones, Award Winning International Creative Director

Carl’s talk will focus on fake news, how to spot it and will share a practical checklist you can use to assess whether what you’re seeing on socials or in the media is fake.

  • Wednesday 6th May, 10am: Retired Consultant Breast Surgeon and Breast Cancer Patient, Author, The Complete Guide to Breast Cancer

Liz’s talk with 11-18 year olds will focus on how to cope when bad things happen, developing resilience and self-care strategies during difficult times and how setting goals can help. 

 Thursday 7th May, 10am: Penguin Talks in Collaboration with SFS – The Squiggly Career. This talk will take place on the Penguin YouTube page via the link.

Authors of The Squiggly Career, Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis, share practical tools, exercises and actions to help you grow in confidence, stay curious and ultimately prepare for, and enjoy, the squiggly world of work.

How to access VTalks

No logins are required and all attendees can stream the talks without downloading Microsoft Teams. Links should be opened in a browser that is not Internet Explorer. Students can view by clicking WATCH TALK LIVE HERE and then clicking ‘Watch on web instead’ and sign in anonymously. The speakers will appear at the set times e.g. 10am and 2pm.

If you would like more information about how to access VTalks, please see our Schools Guide. Below has more information on the SFS activity sheet for your students. You can now access previous talks on our Video Library.


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