Sports Day

The Marches 27th annual Sports Day took place on Friday 12th July. This year has been the closest House Championship with three houses in the running for the overall prize. All was to play for with Bonington holding the House Championship for the previous three years.

The 1500m was moved to Thursday afternoon and was well attended, with a special mention going to Seren Roberts who won the Year 7 Girls category, after having set a new school record two weeks earlier at Queensway that had previously been held for 28 years! Well done Seren!

The day ran smoothly, despite some intermittent rain, as the students competed across all track and field events. Some exceptional performances were put in by numerous students, notably Matthew Lloyd winning the Year 10 Boys 100m sprint, which needed a slow motion replay to decide the outcome; Seren Roberts’ amazing new school record in the Year 7 1500m; Bethan Jones dominating the Year 10 Girls long distance running. A special mention goes to Kels Evans for winning her race and going straight to a fellow student to console her after a fall, displaying all the values we look for in our Marches athletes.

Congratulations to our overall student winner for Victor Lodurum, Drew Brennan in Year 10 and overall student winner for Victrix Lodurum, Bethan Jones in Year 10.

The day culminated in Mallory sneaking passed Bonington, winning Sports Day, and the House Championship as a result

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