Student shout-outs

We have received some excellent pieces of work over the past couple of weeks that we wanted to share with you:

Miss Price set her Year 8’s a project to research all about lungs, they were challenged to either make a model or create a poster to summarise their findings.

Miss Redfern was very impressed with Year 8 student Imogen Williams’ pop up creation of a Stack. She has demonstrated fantastic geographical knowledge through her research and creativity.

Miss Redfern also wanted to give a well done to Abigail Ryan (with a little help from her mum), who has gone above and beyond for her wonderful project on Africa, creating some amazing work.

Mr Moffatt has shared a leaflet produced by Emillie Parsons-Hann in Year 10. She has produced a detailed and informative piece of work about the importance of potable water which could be used by DofE groups when training and preparing for their expeditions.

Great work all!

Posted by marchesadmin on 23rd June 2020, under Marches

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