Students bring a smile to the people of Oswestry during Kindness Week

This week saw students from The Marches School in Oswestry mark their first Futures Week of the academic year. During these special fixtures the students spend time on Citizenship, PSHE and spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development. This time around the theme has been Kindness and staff have pushed the boat out organising some fantastic events for the young people to really remember.

Monday saw student leader ‘buddies’ out and about in Oswestry town centre for a ‘we care a lot’ march. The students along with LORIC the lemur – the school’s mascot, handed out handwritten kindness cards with messages of positivity, along with chocolates to members of the public and local businesses. The school received some lovely feedback on their Facebook page (@MarchesSchool) from members of the community who were delighted to have their spirits lifted:

Kristy Rose; “We loved them coming to Home Bargains to show some kindness. Thank you.”

Kimberley Brushett-Porter; “Had lovely message given to me, definitely put a smile on my face. Thank you x.”

Diane Taylor; “Thank you from the staff at Shoezone for the lovely message 🙂.”

Throughout the week The Marches students have took part in a number of other engaging activities. They participated in a FixUp seminar which explored the importance of being kind to yourself and others. Mark Hignett from the Oswestry Museum delivered a talk on the research and story behind the Gordon and Gilbert exhibition – with a focus on how to research and develop empathy and understanding. Trailblazers sessions took place, these looked at supporting student mental health and wellbeing through school. The timetable also saw an overhaul with each subject department running workshops throughout the week each reflecting the kindness theme.

Mr Dan Pritchard, Associate Assistant Headteacher commented; “It has been a great week watching the students having the chance to reflect on how they “care”. They have had the chance to consider how they care about themselves, their peers and the wider community. A particular highlight for me was seeing our students out and about in Oswestry spreading kindness and bringing smiles to people’s faces. Considering everything that has happened over the past 2 years it is really great to see our students can still be so kind and caring.”

^ Student leaders raring to go, ahead of their ‘we care a lot’ march.


^ [L to R] Isabelle McGuinnes and Mia Morris. LORIC the lemur proving a hit with the Oswestrians.

^ [L to R] Lucy Garton, Chloe Beddows, Chloe Downes and Seren Lingard (LORIC). Students out in Oswestry, bringing a little happiness to members of the community.

^ Student buddies and LORIC the lemur delivering kindness cards.


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