Student Leadership Group

Year 10 at The Marches School can apply for places in the Student Leadership Group in Year 11.

This group provides the all important ‘student voice’ and each year, students work on projects that will remain imprinted on and shape the future of the school for years to come.The school values the importance of the student voice and, together, we make positive developments that help to keep the school moving forward.

Year 10 students looking to apply for the student leadership team 2020-2021 are advised by the current team to bring plenty of ideas and imagination. A pro-active role within the school brings the opportunity to work closely with students and staff, as well as giving you a fantastic asset for your applications and CVs for Sixth Form, college and beyond.

The 2019-2020 Student Leadership Group consists of Head Boy Aaron Spelman (Whittaker) and Head Girl Connie Holmes (Mallory).

The remaining class of 2019-20 include our House Captains who are Charlie Fletcher, Amelia Gunn (Stephens); Alex Young, Amy Aldwinkle (Hargreaves); Thomas Mellor, Lydia Griffiths (Bonnington); Lucy Edwards (Whittaker) and Joseph Hodgson (Mallory). Along with our appointed Lead Prefects, Robbie Ackerman, Bethan Jones and Molly Sperring and our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors, Patrick Lycett and Emily Pugh.

The group are really looking forward to representing students at The Marches and contributing to community projects, as well as being ambassadors for the school.