Virtual House Update

The House Competition continues virtually this half term, with lots of exciting events that have happened so far. Students and staff have enjoyed taking part in quizzes based on different themes such as VE Day and the latest about our school.

This has been the most popular competition to date and the results were as follows:

Student Competition

1st –  Ben Rothera (Mallory), 24 points.

2nd –  Shannon Reynolds-Hewitt (Bonington), 22 points.

~ 3rd – Isla Rothera (Stephens) and Seren Lingard (Whittaker), with 21 points.

4th– Lauren Harper, Paris Williams (Hargreaves), with 19 points.

Staff Competition

1st – Mallory

~ 2nd – Stephens and Bonington

3rd – Whittaker

4th – Hargreaves

The House results currently stand at:

However, the virtual House results will be combined with the competitions ran in school this year in order to announce the 2019-20 House Winner, who will of course be celebrated at our ‘virtual’ House BBQ this term. It is very close at the top, with the winning house changing after each competition so far.

As well as Sports Day, we will be running another photography competition and a sports based quiz. Students should check their House team page to take part. If there are any issues with this students should please contact either Mrs Heighway or Mrs Grassby to resolve.

Rewards Shop Update

The Rewards Shop is now closed for this academic year. All outstanding orders will be fulfilled when students return. For those students who had been saving their points, do not worry, plans are being made for September.

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