Virtual Sports Day – summer 2020!

We love Sports Day, but sadly we cannot do our usual day this year, but we will not let the day go by without doing something. This year our Sports Day is going Virtual – allowing us to compete whilst staying safe!

This is the final House Competition of the year – will your house be victorious? This will take place during the week of 22nd June. You can take all week to practice your events and record your scores.

You need to submit your scores by 10:00pm on Sunday 28th June.

Please take some video or photos of you completing your events and submit them when you send in your scores, it would be great to see how you are doing.

The link to send your scores will be sent through Teams by your PE Teacher.

There are 10 events and 2 bonus events. The staff have filmed videos of what to do seen below, you can also download here. You can choose to do 1 event or all 10, it’s up to you. Everyone who sends us a score gets a participation point for their house which contributes to the total. All events are 30 seconds long.


  1. Kick ups
  2. Hit ups
  3. Shuttle run
  4. Sit down stand up
  5. Speed bounce
  6. Standing long jump
  7. Skipping
  8. Shoulder taps
  9. Hurdles
  10. Throw for accuracy

We will be awarding points for the scores that you send in to see which house is the best, but also extra points for;

  • Individual category winners in each year/sex/House.
  • Decathlon (all 10 events) Champions across the school.

There are 2 additional ‘bonus’ events

  • Going for distance – during the week you could choose to do Cycling / Running / Walking and we would like you to see how far you can get in 1 of these areas for the whole week. We will add up all the distances for each house to give points for the overall competition.
  • Your sport –you may already be doing something else that is sporty. Take a photo of yourself doing your sport to get a bonus point. Could be horse riding, mountain biking, dance, workout, whatever you love doing

Don’t forget to take some video or photos – we may ask for proof if your score is exceptional

Good Luck and have fun from Mr Martin and the PE Department.

Here is a brilliant poem from Mr Martin to encourage you all to take part:

We have also received some very special video messages from sporting stars, Nathan Fox and Larry Achike! Thank you so much to them for taking the time to record.

Rebecca Duxbury former Marches student, now WORLD TRIATHLON AGE GROUP CHAMPION has kindly recorded this special message for us.

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