Wellbeing Week: Year 8 ‘Everyone Can’ Day

As part of the schools “Wellbeing Week”, on Wednesday 29th January the PE department ran an “Everyone Can” day aimed at Year 8 students. This was based on the “This Girl Can” nationwide campaign run by Sport England which aims at get women and girls moving, regardless of shape, size and ability.

The aim for the day was to introduce students to activities that they have not covered in their PE curriculum and hopefully allow everyone to find enjoyment in physical activity. The Year 8 students spent time learning about mindfulness and relaxation techniques through a Yoga session; they let go of their inhibitions and built up their self confidence in Zumba; experienced Boxercise; learnt about calories in vs calories out in the Fitness Suite; worked on their fine motor skills in Golf and also tried out Military Fitness activities such as the sledge, rope pull, farmers walk and tyre flipping!

To conclude the day, the Year 8’s took part in a colour run. This was a great success with over 220 students and staff covered in powdered paint with huge smiles on their faces. Many of the staff relished the opportunity to throw the paint at the students and in turn the students tried to get as covered as possible. The money raised will be donated to the schools chosen charity, The Movement Centre.

We hope that the day inspired the students to continue in life long activity and gave them a new experience that they will remember once their journey at The Marches School is over.

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