Wellbeing Week: ‘Exams Made Easy’ Trip to Harper Adams University

As part of ‘Wellbeing Week’ on Wednesday 29th January, 20 Year 11 Students visited Harper Adams University for a day called ‘Exams Made Easy’.

Students started the day completing a task called ‘The Lighthouse’ – focusing on their targets, both short and long term. They considered what they really wanted from their last year in school and in their later life. They made short and longer term plans about how to achieve these.

This was followed by a tour of the campus. Students had the chance to see the facilities, including some of the animals, the Library, Halls of Residence, Science Labs and the Students Union.

The final session of the day focused on preparation for the students exams. They investigated different memory and revision techniques including flash cards and memory palace – students also prioritised areas for the focus of their revision, a process called benchmarking.

As expected, the students conducted themselves perfectly and were fully engaged with the whole day. The challenge now is to ensure some of today’s work is reflected in success in their GCSEs in 3 months time.

Posted by marchesadmin on 30th January 2020, under Marches

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