Wellbeing Week: House Just Dance

‘Just Dance’ was a brand new addition to the house calendar this year. Students were tasked to re-create one of the famous Just Dance routines but with a twist. Competitors could alter the choreography if they wished and were encouraged to dress up and compete against other houses in a costume fitting to the dance they were performing. This competition was a perfect addition to our wellbeing week as dancing is well known for being a whole-body workout which makes the heart stronger, increases flexibility and coordination as well as a high calorie burner.

The competition was judged by experienced dancers in the school including Sixth Formers. The performances were fantastic, and we were so impressed with the thought and effort that went into the costumes (which included a panda outfit).

Results were:

1st – Hargreaves

2nd – Bonington

3rd – Mallory

Unfortunately there were no representatives on the night for Stephens or Whittaker.

Posted by marchesadmin on 3rd February 2020, under Marches

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