When Year 7 met with an Aston Villa star!

This week saw a very exciting opportunity for a group of our Year 7 students, who got to virtually meet Aston Villa professional footballer, Jake Walker. Jake is an ex-student of fellow Marches Academy Trust school, Oakmeadow CE Primary School and originates from Shrewsbury.

There was a buzz of excitement throughout the group prior to the meeting and it did not disappoint! Jake gave a detailed account of his story so far, explaining the importance of a positive and competitive mindset, both in his football but also in wider life in order to succeed. Jake made his education a priority alongside working his way through the professional environment and explained how organisation was key for him to strike a balance and be able to go on to achieve GCSE’s and then A Levels while still training full time. The story culminated in his experience of playing against the best footballers in the world when he faced Liverpool in the FA Cup!

Our students then took part in a Q&A session with the footballer, which Jake seemed to enjoy and some of the group had him on his toes with brilliant questions.

To conclude Jake summarised his talk with three pieces of advice for the students that he said can be applied to any walk of life:

  1. Be on time, which means 5 minutes early.
  2. Be respectful, he holds manners in the upmost esteem.
  3. Work as hard as you can at whatever you are doing and do it with a smile (even if it is forced).

We would like to give a big thank you to Jake for giving up his time to meet with our students and wish him the best of luck from The Marches!

Feedback from Year 7 student, Grace Thomas:

“Today we met Aston Villa U23s player Jake Walker. He gave us a speech about his career and we got to ask him some questions. He told us about his life as a child, about working hard every day and gave us tips on how to become pro. He told us about his mindset and not to regret your past. He told us about behind the scenes and gave an insight on the Liverpool game, tips for training sessions and what you must eat. Everyone thought that his speech and answers to questions were very interesting and it motivated everyone to do better in life.”

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