Year 10 explore future apprenticeship opportunities at The Marches Centre of Manufacturing and Technology

Some of our Year 10 students had the opportunity to visit The Marches Centre of Manufacturing and Technology earlier this week. Here is a great piece of feedback from one of the group:

“On Monday 24th May, I was lucky enough to be a part of a trip to MCMT in Bridgnorth, which is a big centre for training and apprenticeships, and it was great to see some potential future pathways.

When we arrived, we had a tour of the facilities – I enjoyed seeing the old, classic cars and it was good to see the apprentices working.

We had time in a classroom where Leanne from MCMT set us our challenge to design and build a race car. She told us all the rules and specifications. My group worked together to come up with the best design, thinking about size, weight and aerodynamics – it was cool to have some freedom with our design.

After lunch, we had the opportunity to use the tools in the workshop to build our car. We used a range of skills and equipment, including the huge milling machine to drill holes for our axles.

The best part of the day was the racing at the end, although I was confident with our design, we were beaten by another group – I thought their car looked like a block of cheese!

I really enjoyed my day out of school and getting to do some practical tasks, I hope I can sign up for an apprenticeship when I finish school.” 

A big thank you to The Marches Centre of Manufacturing & Technology for the brilliant opportunity.

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