Year 10 Uniform Change for Year 11

Pupils in Year 10 will soon be Year 11 and that means graduation from Grey to Black is coming around quickly.

Here is what you need to do to ensure that you don’t get held back from graduation.

This is a list of expectations for the next two weeks, (Monday 14th May-Friday 25th May):
• No Lates
• No 3 or 4 lesson grading’s
• No Smart
• Attendance 95% or above for the period 14th May-25th May 2018
• No issues at social time

The Graduation booklet is attached to the letter which have gone home via intouch and pupils will be invited to a special assembly on Friday.

You can buy black jumpers and ties from RAM or student services, but pupils will have to graduate to wear them after half term.

This is very exciting, but if you have any questions please contact Miss Cooke or Miss Griffiths.

We look forward to seeing them all in their smart new uniform after half term.

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