Year 8 inspired by former Marches student Matt Owen

Last Friday morning some of our Year 8 students had a fantastic opportunity to meet with former Marches student, Matt Owen. Matt was invited back to school as a guest speaker and shared his incredible life story with the small group of students, speaking fondly about his time at The Marches. After leaving School in 2006 he trained to be an electrician, but in 2014 he was involved in a major road traffic accident that left him fighting for his life. He chatted about the attitude and determination that was required to make a physical recovery and how the period after his crash really tested him mentally. Matt spoke about the importance of setting targets during his 4-year recovery and trying to get back to work, overcoming terrible headaches from the operations on his brain and the epilepsy that developed after the crash. He spoke passionately about setting up his own business and how this has grown over time. He also explained his new hobby of running Ultra Marathons around mountain ranges and how this also requires a certain mindset. Two important points Matt wanted the students to take away from his talk were:

1) Good manners and respect are important in every walk of life.

2) When faced with adversity try to be optimistic and set short-term goals. Small steps are important if they are heading in the right direction.

Great advice! A big thank you to Matt for giving up his time to come and visit. We wish him all the best for the future.


Posted by marchesadmin on 8th March 2021, under Marches

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