Schools are not required to publish their exam and assessment results from the 2019 to 2020 academic year as these have not been published as performance measures by the Secretary of State. We have included our 2022 performance measures below.


Key Stage 4

Progress 8 score Attainment 8 score 4.86
Attainment in English and Maths – percentage of pupils achieving a grade 5 or above in GCSE English and Maths

Average English A8 = 5.34

Average Maths A8 = 4.73

% achieving English and Maths at 5 and above =50.7%

Percentage of students entering the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) 68.9%
Student destination – percentage of students staying in education or employment after Key Stage 4   100%

School and College performance tables are available here.

Key Stage 5 performance tables are available here.

Key Stage 5

Progress  Attainment 35.57
English and Maths Progress

AAB including at least 2 facilitating subjects is:  15.4%

Best 3 A Levels Average Point Score is 35.27 with an average grade of B-

Retention 83.4%

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