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From Year 7-13, students are encouraged to be part of the Student Leadership Group. There are a variety of opportunities for each year group to get involved and have the chance to express their creativity and ideas in order to play their part in enhancing school life, both for students and staff.

Year 11 Senior Student Leadership

In the last half term of Year 10, students are encouraged to apply for a position on the Senior Student Leadership Group. This group includes:

All members of the Senior Student Leadership group are ambassadors for the school and will be a presence at whole school events and in the wider community.

This group provides the all important ‘Student Voice’ and each year, students work on projects that will remain imprinted on and shape the future of the school for years to come. The school values the importance of the Student Voice and, together, we make positive developments that help to keep the school moving forward.

Are you a Year 10 student looking to apply for the Senior Student Leadership team? A pro-active role within the school brings the opportunity to work closely with students and staff, as well as giving you a fantastic asset for your applications and CVs for Sixth Form, college and beyond. Students are encouraged to bring plenty of ideas and imagination to show how they can make a positive difference to our school.

Year 10 Deputy Student Leadership

Students have the opportunity to apply for both Junior Deputy Head positions and Deputy House Captains. These roles are an important support for the Senior Student Leadership Group.

Key Stage 3 Student Leadership

Students from Years 7, 8 and 9 can apply to be part of the Key Stage 3 Student Leadership Group. As an important part of the Student Voice process of the whole school, students in this group have a number of important responsibilities that support gathering the voice of the wider school.

Key Stage 5 Student Leadership

Students in our Sixth Form will elect their own President(s) each year. They will have responsibility for the Student Voice and many of the extracurricular events our Key Stage 5 students enjoy. Students will also have the opportunity to be Sixth Form House representatives.

Student Council

Our Student Leadership Team runs a thriving School Council. Each tutor group has an elected Student Voice Rep who gathers the thoughts and opinions of their tutor group. Student Voice Reps will then attend a termly school council meeting, led by our Head and Deputy Head students, and supported by our Student Voice Ambassadors.


Our New Teams

?? Celebrating Our New Student Leadership Team! ??

We are thrilled to announce our new Student Leadership Team, including our dedicated Head Students: Maggie Morris, Henry Gillham, and Lille Shrimpton.

Senior Prefect:

House Captains:

Congratulations to all our new leaders! We are confident that you will inspire and lead our school community with passion and commitment. Here’s to an amazing year ahead! ??

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